With crucial work on the line, there's simply no room for unprofessional conduct. At the Healthy Workforce Academy, we equip healthcare leaders with the tools necessary to reduce incidents of bullying and incivility, set behavioral expectations, and hold employees accountable. Dive into courses that are less lecture, more real-life; where every lesson is a step towards excellence for your organization.

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Front-line Leaders

If you are seeking professional leadership skills for yourself so you can handle conflict effectively, set expectations, and hold team members accountable...

Directors & Executives

If you need to equip your leaders with skills to handle toxic workplace behaviors, which leads to employee retention and better patient outcomes across your organization...

Professional Development Specialists

If it's your responsibility to educate members of the healthcare team on the essential knowledge and skills to address disruptive behaviors to cultivate a professional and respectful work culture...

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Meet the CEO & Founder

CEO & Founder Renee Thompson, DNP, RN, FAAN, CSP

Dr. Renee Thompson, a renowned speaker, author, consultant, and expert in fostering healthy workplaces by combatting bullying and incivility, leverages more than 30 years of experience as a clinical nurse, educator, quality manager, and executive. As the CEO and Founder of the Healthy Workforce Institute, she's dedicated to partnering with healthcare leaders to nurture healthy workforces. Dr. Thompson's impactful work has earned her accolades, including a Nursing Excellence award, recognition as a certified speaking professional, and LinkedIn's Top Ten Voices in Healthcare. She holds a Doctorate of Nursing Practice and a Masters in Nursing Education from the University of Pittsburgh.

Meet your Faculty

Our faculty aren't just experts—they're your mentors, your confidants, your biggest supporters. They walk hand in hand with healthcare leaders and have the success stories to show for it.

Bullying & Incivility Content Expert Diane Salter

Diane Salter, with her Master's in Nursing Administration and a prominent voice against nurse bullying, brings her expertise to the Healthy Workforce Academy as an instructor and content expert. Her work, particularly on addressing lateral and vertical violence through education and cognitive rehearsal, positions her as a pivotal figure in promoting workplace civility. Diane's leadership in ANA's #EndNurseAbuse initiative and her role as a consultant for educational programs on bullying reduction in healthcare settings enrich her training sessions, offering invaluable insights and strategies to foster a healthier, more respectful professional environment.

Organizational Psychologist Dr. Mitch Kusy

Dr. Mitch Kusy, an organizational psychologist with 25 years of experience, is renowned for his work on addressing toxic personalities in healthcare. His systems approach to combating toxicity has set a global standard, enhancing patient safety, satisfaction, and healthcare team performance. A prolific author and professor, he has consulted internationally, fostering cultures of "everyday civility" with proven improvements in team and financial performance. He joined the Healthy Workforce Institute in 2018, contributing as a researcher, content expert, speaker, and consultant. His influential research has resulted in two books, "Toxic Workplace" and "Why I Don't Work Here Anymore," and numerous media appearances.

Conflict & Emotional Intelligence Expert and Leadership Coach Bonnie Artman Fox

Bonnie Artman Fox, a Workplace Conflict Expert and licensed family therapist, promotes open dialogue in workplaces. Leveraging her expertise, she aids leaders in curbing divisive behaviors, resolving conflicts, and nurturing team trust for healthier workspaces. As an accredited leadership coach, she specializes in boosting emotional intelligence skills and addressing leadership blind spots. Bonnie was past-president of the Pittsburgh NSA and has been part of the Healthy Workforce Institute since 2018. Her book, "How Did My Family Get In My Office?!" endorsed by Patrick Lencioni, showcases her thought-provoking communication style, guiding individuals authentically toward their goals.

Success Chronicles

Read how our approach has turned around departments and empowered teams to achieve the kind of results that get noticed on a global level.

Chief Nursing Officer, Aultman Hospital

Nicole Kolacz, DNP, MBA, RN, NEA-BC, CENP

"Dr. Thompson’s material is practical, relevant, and easy to implement. I use it regularly in my practice. I am always learning from her and the team and enjoy her podcasts, check ins, and weekly emails. They are always full of useful leading best practices . We have benefited from our partnership with Dr Thompson and HWI."

Director, ​Moffitt ​Cancer ​Center

Amy Bucciarelli

"The EBI course provided a framework for how to talk to employees as well as counseling that was so very helpful. By ​taking ​this ​course ​it ​gave ​me​ the​ ability ​to ​assist ​staff ​in​creating credo’s for each of my units. So very helpful for new hires coming into our unit!"

Director, Baylor Scott & White Round Rock

Trenton Vaughan

"The Eradicating Bullying & Incivility course provides solutions to the real world problems we face when leading teams of healthcare professionals. Understanding ​the​ differences ​in ​incivility,​ a​ bad ​day,​ and​ true bully behavior allows us as leaders to better utilize tools and resources to address issues head on and help keep our teams on the path to excellence.”

Director of Perioperative Services, Texas Health Arlington Memorial Hospital

Terry Hayes, MSN, RN, CPNP, CNOR

"She’s a good nurse, but.... “ We have all said it at some point in our career. Renee quickly shows us how detrimental that statement is to developing a culture of kindness, integrity and respect. Concise doses of wisdom and practical tools to help to eradicate bullying and incivility is just what this course delivers! I highly recommend.”

Based on the Healthy Workforce Culture Framework™, our courses deliver:

• Strengthen organizations: Hardwire healthy workforce best practices into your organization.

• Equip leaders: Provide essential skills leaders need to address disruptive behaviors.

• Empower teams: Involve your interprofessional teams in sustainable culture change.

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