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How much better would your life be if…

… you knew exactly how to handle difficult situations with your employees?

… your employees communicated with honesty and respect.

… you had a waiting list of people who wanted to work in your department.

We know... 

We know what it’s like to spend too much time and energy dealing with unprofessional conduct. As a leader, you have more important work to do.

You don’t have time for complicated algorithms when it comes to addressing disruptive behaviors. You need quick, easy, practical advice from an expert who can help you create a professional and respect culture so that people want to stay and do their best work.  

And, you want that advice any time YOU need it – day or night.

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At the Healthy Workforce Institute, Dr. Renee Thompson and her team have been helping healthcare leaders finally put an end to bullying and incivility for more than 10 years. Their approach is evidence-based, practical, and easy to do.

And, the good news is that now you can have access to our evidence-based strategies, tips, and advice through our Healthy Workforce Digital Resource Vault.

The Digital Resource Vault provides you with on-demand access to our practical resources related to a healthy work culture.  

You can expect to find the following sections... 

• 5 Common Mistakes

In this section, we start with 5 common mistakes leaders make when dealing with disruptive employees. Avoid these five mistakes and you’ll be closer to cultivating a culture where employees stay and trust their leader is addressing disruptive behaviors.

• Monthly Themed Content

Every month, we focus on a particular topic related to a healthy work culture: (i.e., addressing interdepartmental conflicts, addressing negativity, reducing gossip and drama, etc.). This New content is added every month so you are always learning new strategies and gaining new tools and resources. The content is available for 3 months and then it is replaced. Not to worry, we’ll send you a 2-week reminder before we remove any content just in case you have not reviewed it.

• Quarterly Content 

In this section, you will find content that rotates every quarter. Such as the Healthy Workforce Institute’s most recent webinar recording, along with a copy of our Healthy Workforce Best Practice Magazine that contains practical tips and strategies for your professional development.

And finally, you will find an assortment of resources that are easy to download to help you improve your department’s culture..


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