Are Toxic Behaviors Destroying the Heart of Your Team?

Bullying and incivility jeopardizes your entire healthcare team, damaging morale, negatively impacting patient care, and employee satisfaction. If you're witnessing the impact of disruptive behaviors in your department, it's time to take action.

Foundational Skills for Healthcare Leaders

This self-paced course is specifically designed for healthcare leaders like you. Our goal? To equip you with the foundational skills to recognize and confront bullying and incivility within your teams and provide you with the strategies to create a respectful and professional workplace.

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Is This You...

  • Feeling overwhelmed and stressed by the disruptive behaviors within your team?
  • Struggling to create a positive work culture due to persistent negativity?
  • Encountering turnover and challenges retaining skilled employees?
  • Experiencing a decline in team productivity and morale?
  • Challenged maintaining cohesive interprofessional team dynamics?
  • Concerned about how workplace hostility affects the quality of patient care?
  • Worried about the lasting impact on your personal well-being and effectiveness as a leader?

You're Not Alone.

Meet Your Instructor

CEO & Founder Renee Thompson, DNP, RN, FAAN, CSP

Dr. Renee Thompson, a renowned speaker, author, consultant, and expert in fostering healthy workplaces by combatting bullying and incivility, leverages more than 30 years of experience as a clinical nurse, educator, quality manager, and executive. As the CEO and Founder of the Healthy Workforce Institute, she's dedicated to partnering with healthcare leaders to nurture healthy workforces. Dr. Thompson's impactful work has earned her accolades, including a Nursing Excellence award, recognition as a certified speaking professional, and LinkedIn's Top Ten Voices in Healthcare. She holds a Doctorate of Nursing Practice and a Masters in Nursing Education from the University of Pittsburgh.

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Early in her career, Dr. Renee Thompson struggled with workplace incivility and bullying, confronting the daunting task of managing an unprofessional team without guidance or support. This trying experience caused considerable personal and professional stress, driving her to a pivotal realization: the issue lay not in her shortcomings, but in the lack of necessary skills and education to effectively address such issues. Today, as a seasoned expert, Dr. Thompson is dedicated to equipping healthcare leaders with the essential proficiencies essential for nurturing respectful and healthy workplace cultures. Her mission is to ensure no leader navigates these challenges without the knowledge and skills they need. 

Listen to the stories of Dr. Renee Thompson and other leaders who have successfully transformed workplace cultures in many healthcare organizations. Their experiences will motivate and provide reassurance that change is possible.

Transform Your Workforce.


​Through this program ​you ​will...

  • Recognize the characteristics of bullying and incivility and their detrimental impact.

  • Develop the skills needed to confront and eliminate disruptive behaviors.

  • Identify strategies to create a culture of civility and respect in the workplace.

  • Establish behavioral expectations and action steps to address future incidences.

  • Transform your department into a nurturing, supportive, and professional workplace.

Course Highlights:

Divided into 5 comprehensive modules, designed specifically for busy healthcare leaders. Each module is filled with evidence-based strategies and practical tools, tailored to be easily implemented into your daily operations.

Enrollment Includes:

  • 1 year access

  • 5.8 ANCC contact hours upon successful completion

Hear From Our Alumni

Laurel Pilkington, DNP, RN-BC, CPEN, CCRN-K

Director of Professional Development, Education and Research | Baylor Scott and White McLane’s Children’s Hospital

"The Eradicating Bullying and Incivility course was so helpful because I learned new language and techniques to stop bullying and incivility in real-time. I also now value the importance of documentation.”

Melissa Benesh, MSN, RN

Manager, 3N Mother/Baby | Manager3N Mother/Baby The University of Chicago Medical Center

“As a nurse manager, I found the Eradicating Bullying and Incivility course to be extremely helpful in recognizing and addressing disruptive behaviors on my unit. Renee offers great scripting and "real life" examples on how to confront staff members and hold them accountable. Excellent course, I highly recommend!”

Gina McDaniel, RN, BSN, OCN, HN-BC

Manager | Moffitt Cancer Center

"Unfortunately dealing with disruptive behaviors is a part of every workforce. A lot of managers including myself are not equipped to handle difficult conversations. It is easier for me to give Kudos and appreciations for a job well done. I was very comfortable providing counseling for poor attendance or documentation issues; but for nonverbal or disruptive behaviors were definitely a challenge. The straightforward educational material and real life examples have given me the tools as well as the confidence to have the difficult conversation my whole team needs me to have in order to create a Healthy Workplace for each of them. Thank you Renee and Team"

Star Rebb, MS, APN-BC

Manager, Labor and Delivery

“The Eradicating Bullying and Incivility course was very easy and convenient for listening. Renee captured and held my attention through each module. The tips were extremely helpful and practical. I learned so much about managing bullying on my unit and I feel more confident. This is a fantastic program! Thanks Renee!!”

Laura Berritto, RNC, MHA

Nurse Manager, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit | Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

"I learned so much, and have been implementing everything from the Eradicating Bullying and Incivility course. I used the Jedi mind trick and although it was scary to do, it worked! I felt so satisfied after several difficult conversations and staff are stating that they are seeing changes in the behavior of people I have been working with. This is definitely something that all new managers should be taught right from the beginning."