If you're like most leaders in healthcare, you've noticed...

  • Disruptive behaviors are on the rise
  • There’s infighting among teams
  • Your time and energy are being wasted dealing with unprofessional conduct

When teams don’t treat each other with respect as professionals, good employees leave, and the disruptive ones stay.

If you’ve ever said, why can’t my employees behave like adult professionals, it’s because there is a fundamental mistake you’ve been making.

You’re assuming professionals know how to behave.

Here’s the deal - You can’t assume professionals know how to treat each other. You have to teach them.  

If you want to create and sustain a professional and respectful workforce culture, you must engage in ongoing skill development as a team. The good news is that just by including ongoing skill development into your existing meetings, in-services, or huddles, you can finally experience what other successful leaders experience – leading a high performing, respectful, and cohesive team. 

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We know what it’s like to spend too much time and energy dealing with unprofessional conduct. 

As a leader, you have more important work to do. 

Hi. My name is Dr. Renee Thompson. I’m the CEO & Founder of the HWI. We’re on a mission to create a world where disruptive behaviors are immediately rejected and kindness, respect, and professionalism become the new norm.

My team and I have been helping healthcare teams across the country cultivate and sustain a professional, respectful, and supportive workforce culture. One of our best strategies is to hardwire ongoing continuous professional development as a team by incorporating healthy workforce topics into monthly meetings or educational sessions.

But…what do you include? How do you deliver content in a way that helps them improve, especially if you’re not an educator?

Well, you don’t have to worry about that because we’ve done the hard work for you!

Welcome to our Skill Development for Healthcare Teams. In this eProduct, you’ll receive everything you need to hardwire ongoing professional development so that your teams learn how to treat each other with respect, hold each other accountable, stop the gossip, infighting, he-said/she-said shenanigans, etc…and show up like professionals.

We’ve made it ridiculously easy for you to teach your teams how to treat each other!


Buy now and start enjoying the benefits of a high-performing, professional, and respectful team!

Tell me if this sounds like you…

  • You’re spending too much of your precious time and energy dealing with inter-personal conflicts and pettiness among your team.

  • You’d love nothing more than for your teams to take responsibility for their behavior and performance.

  • You often thought about how much better things would be if your team would make decisions based on what was best for their patients first, then each other.

  • When leaders set expectations for professional conduct and provide their teams with the skills, they need to become strong, cohesive, and respectful teams, the good employees stay and patients achieve better outcomes.

In this eProduct, you receive 12 months’ worth of easy to deliver content related to a professional and respectful work environment.

Topics include:

  • Developing Assertive Communication Skills

  • Reducing Workplace Gossip

  • Giving & Receiving Feedback

  • Cultivating a Positive Work Culture

  • Becoming a Better Co-worker

  • Building Resilient Healthcare Teams

  • Building High Trust Teams

  • Establishing Peer-to-peer Accountability

  • Developing Emotionally Intelligent Teams

  • Cultivating a Culture of Kindness

  • Reducing Workplace Conflict

  • Creating a Speak Up Culture

• • •

Meet Your Instructor

Renee Thompson, DNP, RN, FAAN, CSP | CEO & Founder of the Healthy Workforce Institute

With more than 30 years as a clinical nurse, nurse educator, and nurse executive, Dr. Renee Thompson is a leading authority on workplace bullying and creating professional work environments. Known internationally for her work to eradicate bullying and workplace incivility in healthcare, Renee is a sought-after keynote speaker, consultant, and professional development resource to healthcare organizations worldwide.

Renee is the CEO and Founder of The Healthy Workforce Institute. As the author of 4 books, Renee has been repeatedly published, interviewed, and awarded for her work to educate, connect, and inspire current and future nurses. Her blog is ranked annually as one of the top “must-read” blogs for nurses of all backgrounds.

Renee is one of only 26 nurses in the world who have achieved the prestigious certified speaking professional designation, has received the Excellence in Nursing Award as an entrepreneur, and was the first ever recipient of the Outstanding Nursing Alumni award from her alma mater. In 2018, she was recognized as one of LinkedIn’s Top Ten Voices in Healthcare for her contributions to their global community. 

Renee holds a Masters degree in Nursing Education and a Doctorate of Nursing Practice, both from the University of Pittsburgh.

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Why this matters...

I’ve been sharing monthly themed content with my consulting clients who LOVE how easy we make it for them to include content related to healthy workforce into their staff meetings. So, we decided to make it available to every leader who wants to create a PROFESSIONAL and RESPECTFUL workforce culture.

In each packet, you’ll find…

  • Instructions
  • An easy-to-read article
  • A tip sheet or resource
  • An activity you can use as a self-reflection or during a team meeting
  • Memes you can post as reminders
  • And finally, an extra video tips with a few goodies on how to best utilize the content for maximum impact!

• • •

Our 12 Month Package is perfectly put together to give you the content you need to help your team develop the skills they need to become strong, cohesive, respectful, and professional.

Remember, cultivating a professional and respectful workforce culture is possible WHEN you develop your teams.

"We are absolutely thrilled with the Monthly Education Subscription and “How To” activities to share with staff. What is always so unique about the education and management strategies is that while grounded in theory- they are hands-on and easy to implement. This is critical in a very time-sensitive and fiscally challenged industry such as healthcare."

- Katherine Mansfield, RN, CGN, MN | Manager of Trauma | St. Michaels Hospital

• • •


  • Do I have to deliver the content in the order listed?

    No. You can pick and choose which topic is the priority for your team. However, we recommend that you always start with #1 – Developing Assertive Communication Skills. Then you can pick and choose which topics are most needed. For example, you may be having an issue with conflict (#11). So, you may want to start with Assertive Communication your first month and then Conflict the second month. Because you have all 12 months’ worth of content, you can pick and choose what works best for you!

  • How long do I have access to this product?

    1 Year

  • Do I have to finish a topic in a month, or can I take longer?

    Look, we get it. Everyone is busy and because there is a lot of content in each month’s package, you may not get through it all in one month. It’s okay!! Just start with one topic - go through the articles, activities, etc. until you’re finished. Then start the next topic. As long as you are continuously engaging your teams in this powerful skill development, it’s okay to take your time!

  • I’m an educator and not the leader of a department, how will this product benefit me?

    I worked as an educator too (actually, I still consider myself an educator) and a lot of my time and energy was spent creating content for in-services, residency programs, orientation, preceptor programs, etc. I WISH I would have had 12-months’ worth of content I could pick and choose from! If I were you, I would incorporate this content into any existing programs you have.

  • I’m the manager of a large department. How can I be expected to “teach” this content to my team if I’m not an educator?

    Great question! We actually designed this product with YOU in mind! Well, someone who isn’t an educator. The instructions are so simple to follow that you don’t need a master’s degree in education to deliver the content. All you need is a willingness to read and follow instructions.

Additional Questions?


We are here to help.

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Buy now and start enjoying the benefits of a high-performing, professional, and respectful team!

Who is this eProduct for?

If you fall under one of these categories - this eProduct is for you!

  • Acute patient care departments

  • Ambulatory care departments

  • New and existing leaders

  • Inter-disciplinary healthcare teams

  • Shared governance committees

  • New nurse residency programs

  • Charge nurse development

How does this work?

  • Step 1

    Buy Now!

  • Step 2

    Deliver your first topic!

  • Step 3

    Watch your team grow and show up as professionals!


having a waitlist of people who want to work in your department because:

  • Everyone goes out of their way to support each other – no matter what
  • People feel respected and valued as an important member of the team
  • Everyone takes responsibility for ongoing, continuous improvement

Ah…what a nice world that would be!

 • • •

Stop assuming your professionals know how to treat each other – TEACH them.


Buy now and start enjoying the benefits of a high-performing, professional, and respectful team!