Got inter-professional conflict?  

Are you ready to finally step away from destructive conflict and embrace healthy conflict?

It's time to get control of conflict in your department!

During this interactive facilitated eProgram, your team will learn how to put a seat belt around their lizard brain in order to respond vs. react during conflict. They will practice skills to de-escalate tense conversations that lead to a win-win solutions and stronger relationships as a result of addressing vs. avoiding conflict.

Resolving interpersonal conflict is an essential skill all healthcare professionals need to develop. Patient’s lives depend on the ability to quickly identify and resolve destructive conflict that negatively impacts the delivery of care and to engage in healthy conflict that creates innovation and improves quality care. 

Resolving conflict is possible when healthcare professionals and their leaders are giving the skills and practical tools they need.


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Tell me if this sounds like you…

  • You’re spending way too much of your precious time dealing with inter-professional conflict and just wish your employees would “get along”.

  • Your employees tattle on each other and want YOU to “fix it” instead of working things out on their own.

  • You wish they could resolve their own conflict issues instead of running to you at the drop of a hat.

However, you're not exactly comfortable dealing with conflict yourself.

So, you do what's comfortable - you avoid it!

Well unresolved conflict ends today!

This eProgram is designed to provide all healthcare professionals with a foundational understanding of conflict, how it shows up in healthcare, and what we can do to resolve it in a way that strengthens the team – not destroys it. 

Although clinically focused, this digital education program is also applicable for non-clinical employees such as housekeeping, dietary, registration, or even in an organization that supports healthcare but doesn’t provide care.  After all, the way the entire healthcare team resolves conflict ultimately impacts the patients you serve!

In this eProgram, you and your team will:

  • Identify your conflict style.
  • Learn strategies to stay in control of your emotional reactivity.
  • Learn how to adopt a resilient mindset for productive conflict.
  • Implement six strategies to de-escalate conflict and create win-win solutions.

Meet Your Instructor

Bonnie Artman Fox, MS, LMFT

Bonnie Artman Fox started her career as a Registered Nurse where she often found herself at the bedside talking with her patients about the impact of their medical condition on their emotional health. She obtained her master’s degree in psychiatric nursing and as she saw more change happen in people’s lives when the family was involved, she became a Licensed Family Therapist. 

For several years Bonnie ran her own private practice helping families get along and reconcile relationships. 

Her focus now is helping individuals and teams get along by developing the interpersonal skills that build team cohesiveness ...including talking about the MokitaTM (no, it’s not a drink) rather “the elephant in the room”. 

And in this eProgram, she’s here to share how you can do the same! 

Bonnie joined the Healthy Workforce Institute in 2018 as a content expert in conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, and team building. She is a best-selling author, Accredited Leadership Coach and current co-president of the Pittsburgh Chapter of the National Speakers Association.

• • •

Why this matters to me...

In her 30+ years working in behavioral health, Bonnie quickly identified that at the root of many disagreements and broken relationships was unresolved conflict. So, she decided to focus her time and energy on helping healthcare professionals resolve conflict in a way that brings the team together, improves their relationships, and actually, creates opportunity to strengthen the team.

About the Program

This eProgram is designed to be delivered as a facilitated workshop. The 90-minute workshop is divided into two, 45-minute pre-recorded sessions and includes instructions for the facilitator, handouts, resources, and activities.

Facilitators are encouraged to play each pre-recorded video and then engage their audience in activities to help them apply what they learned in practice. Through meaningful assessments, quizzes, and discussion questions, the audience are then able to walk away from the sessions with clarity regarding conflict and how better to resolve it as professionals.

Delivery Options...

Over the years working with leaders just like you, we’ve learned a thing or two about how best to deliver this content.

Resolving Inter-professional Conflict for a Healthier Work Culture was designed to be flexible and easily adaptable to any healthcare team, whether clinical or non-clinical. Several delivery options are available to you to allow for flexibility with schedules and consider other educational offerings.

  • Self-Study:  You may ask employees to watch parts 1 and 2 on their own and then attend a debriefing session where you can then enhance their learning through facilitated conversations about the content.
  • Group Education: You may invite employees to attend these educational sessions as a workshop and show each video, pause, ask the questions provided, and engage them in conversations about the content as a group.
  • Hybrid: You may decide a hybrid version works well for you. Some organizations will ask their employees to watch just part 1 and then bring them together and engage them in conversations. Then ask them to watch part 2, etc. 
  • Annual Competency:  Employees can be asked to watch these as a part of their annual competency or performance improvement plan.
  • Orientation: You can also include this digital program in your orientation for new hires and new nurse residency programs.
  • Leadership Development:  You may decide to incorporate content into new or existing leadership development courses.

• • • 

Who can facilitate discussions with employees?

The instructions are easy to read and simple to follow.  All that’s required is a willingness to read and follow them.  Each section contains step by step instructions that go over everything you need to present that portion of the presentation to your team, including a video recording, copy of the slide deck, facilitator’s guide, group activities and additional resources to help you utilize the content for maximum impact.

Facilitators may include:

  • A front-line manager or director
  • A hospital-wide or unit-based educator
  • An assistant manager or charge nurse
  • Someone from Human Resources or Organizational Development
  • Anyone who has an interest in this topic and has good communication skills

• • • 

What you receive in this digital program:

1. Instructions 

2. Part 1 – Conflict Styles and Emotional Response

  • Recording
  • Copy of slides
  • Facilitator’s Guide
  • Handout to take notes
  • Resource – “From Reacting to Responding”

3. Part 2 – Strategies to Resolve Conflict

  • Recording
  • Copy of slides
  • Facilitator’s Guide
  • Handout to take notes
  • Resource – “Get the Facts” and “Remember This"


  • How long is this eProgram?

    120 minutes, including activities

  • How long do I have access?

    This eProgram is designed as a 1 year licensing agreement

  • How many times can we deliver this content?

    Unlimited. You have a license for 1-year and can deliver the program as often as you like, with as many employees as possible!

Additional Questions?


We are here to help.

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Contact Bobbie at:

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Who is this eProgram for?

  • All leaders

  • Nurses

  • Therapists

  • Support Staff

  • Technicians

  • Clinical and Non-clinical Employees

  • Educators

  • Human Resources

  • Physicians

How does this work?

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    Buy Now!

  • Step 2

    Deliver the program!

  • Step 3

    Resolve Interprofessional Conflict!


Image what you could do with your time if you didn’t have to spend so much of it on being the referee between ADULT PROFESSIONALS!

You could spend your time working on improving quality care.

You could spend your time getting your work done within a “normal” timeframe.

You could finally be proud of your team.

 • • •

Stop avoiding conflict and start tackling it head on with our proven strategies!


Buy now and start feeling good about being a healthcare leader again.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Resolving Inter-professional Conflict for a Healthier Work Culture

    2. Welcome Video

    1. Instructions

    2. Download Instructions

    1. Download Notes

    2. Part 1 Facilitator Guide

    3. Download Part 1 Facilitator Guide

    4. Watch Part 1 Recording

    5. Download Part 1 Slides

    6. Download Part 1 Resource: Shift - From Reacting to Responding

    1. Download Notes

    2. Part 2 Facilitator Guide

    3. Download Part 2 Facilitator Guide

    4. Watch Part 2 Recording

    5. Download Part 2 Slides

    6. Download Part 2 Resource: Remember This! Notice What's Working

    7. Download Part 2 Resource: Get the Facts - Clear up Misunderstandings and Minimize Conflict

    1. Congratulations!

    1. Additional Resources

About this course

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  • 1.5 hours of video content

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